Catalogue Raisonné

VOLUME ICatalogue Raisonné Jean Dufy Vol. I

Catalogue Raisonné of Jean Dufy’s Work (French-English edition), 384 pages, 730 catalogued reproductions, 551 of which are in color, Editions Jacques Bailly, Paris, 2002.

Preface by Marie-Caroline Sainsaulieu.


VOLUME IICatalogue Raisonné Jean Dufy Vol. II

Catalogue Raisonné of Jean Dufy’s Work (French-English edition), 400 pages, 800 catalogued reproductions, 720 of which are in color, Editions Jacques Bailly, Paris, 2010.

Essays by Didier Decoin, Franck Maubert, Charles Melman, Pierre Michon, Michel Tournier.



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