Germaine Dufy and Jacques Bailly in 1975

Germaine Dufy and Jacques Bailly in 1975

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Jacques Bailly, world wide expert on the work of painter Jean Dufy, issues certificates of authenticity to auction houses (Christie’s – Sotheby’s – Commissaires-Priseurs de Paris) and is working with the artist’s family to produce the Catalogue Raisonné of the works by Jean Dufy. Volumes I and II of the Catalogue Raisonné are currently available.

Author of Catalogue Raisonné of Jean Dufy’s Work (Volume I), Paris, 2002

Author of  Catalogue Raisonné of Jean Dufy’s Work (Volume II), Paris, 2010

raoul-jean-dufy-marmottantCo-curator of the exhibition Raoul et Jean Dufy, Complicité et rupture” at the Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris, 2011


Jacques Bailly at the “Jean Dufy” exhibition in 2014

Author of  Jean Dufy, Paris aux Cent Couleurs, Paris, 2012, Editions Hazan

Co-author of Jean Dufy, Le Cirque en Majesté, Paris, 2012, Editions Magellan & Cie

Originator of the 2014 initiative by the French post office to issue a postage stamp commemorating the 50th anniversary of the death of Jean Dufy

Originator and creative designer of models inspired by the work of Jean Dufy and produced by Haviland in 2014

Co-author of Jean Dufy, Le Pays maritime, Paris, 2016, Editions Magellan & Cie

Member of the French Professional Committee of Art Galleries: Galerie Jacques Bailly