Jean Dufy, le Cirque en Majesté


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Editions Magellan & Cie, Paris, 2012 (French-English edition), 128 pages including 88 color illustrations, bound volume with dust jacket.

Text by Pascal Jacob.

Editions Magellan & Cie invites you to discover the “greatest show on Earth” through the resplendent works of Jean Dufy. The bilingual text by eminent circus authority Pascal Jacob guides the reader through this artistic extravaganza, uncovering the joyous world of entertainers who so fascinated the painter for over thirty years. Musical clowns, acrobats, trapeze artists, bareback riders and equestrian shows: the acts performed simultaneously under the big top create rhythmic and compellingly colorful portraits that usher the reader into the infinite richness of Jean Dufy’s most singular works.

Dimensions: 12 1/2x 9 1/2 in.

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